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The Local Food of Okayama

Okayama Bara Sushi (Okayama City, Tamano City, Kurashiki City, Tsuyama City, Niimi City, Bizen City)

Okayama Bara Sushi (Okayama City, Tamano City, Kurashiki City, Tsuyama City, Niimi City, Bizen City)

Okayama’s bara sushi is the most famous type of sushi in the prefecture. Known for its rich, deep taste, bara sushi is made by mixing rice and marinated seafood in vinegar, and topped variety of ingredients cooked individually on mixed rice.

There is a theory that when the feudal lord of Okayama issued an edict stating that meals should comprise of only one soup and one dish, the smart populace topped their “one dish” with a variety of ingredients and this is how bara sushi came about. It is said that the current extravagant spread of topping for the dish came after the Meiji period.


Okayama Demi-katsu-don (Okayama City)

Katsu-don (crumbed pork cutlet on rice) is usually served with a beaten egg, however Okayama’s local demi-katsu-don is topped with demi-glace sauce. The sweet sauce gets people hooked.


Mamakari Sushi (Okayama City, Kurashiki City)

Mamakari is a small fish called sappa (Japanese sardinella) that is often used in cooking in Okayama. The name comes from the idea that the fish is so delicious, you would borrow (kari) rice (mama) from your neighbor for it.

This fish is marinated in vinegar to make Sushi. Please enjoy the great flavor of this dish in Okayama.

Fruit Parfait (Okayama City)

Okayama, the “sunny country”, is famous as a fruit kingdom, growing fruits such as peaches and Muscat. Using locally produced fruits to top a parfait makes it doubly delicious! You will also enjoy seasonal fruits toppings on a parfait such as melons in the summer and strawberries in winter. Try it when you visit Okayama.


Misaki Raw Egg on Rice (Kume-gun, Misaki-cho)

Sticky egg mixed with the rice….
In Misaki-cho, the historical and prided Misaki-style “egg on rice” is gaining hold around the area.

Freshly everyday delivered eggs, locally grown Tanada rice and special sauce made from based on local soy sauce, moreover serving bowl is produced by local pottery Sakura-ko ware which brings perfection of Misaki experience!


Nissei Oyster-oko (Bizen City, Nissei-cho)

Okayama prefecture is the second highest producer of oysters in Japan and within Okayama, Nissei-cho in Bizen City is a thriving production area.

This dish is made with fresh oysters picked daily, and those fresh oysters don’t observe extra water after picked. Therefore they don’t get shrink by heating and you can enjoy fresh and juicy oysters in this savory pan cake.


Tsuyama HORUMON Udon (Tsuyama City)

As an area that has used cattle in farming from long ago, fresh, delicious Sakushu beef HORUMON(Beef tripe) is always available in Nissei.
Such fresh HORUMON doesn’t have a strong smell and is very juicy. HORUMON meat is lower in calories than red meat and is full of vitamins, iron and calcium.
The overflowing meat juice mixes with vegetables and udon noodles to create an exquisite flavor. There are currently over 50 stores in Tsuyama city and you can experience a different variety of home made sauces, cuts of meat and grilling styles in each of them.


Sozuri Hot Pot (Tsuyama City)

Sozuri meat refers to the meat around the bone in this local dish of Tsuyama. Meat is sliced off the bones, a technique called sozuri in the Tsuyama dialect, and this gives the dish its name.

Modern day sozuri hot pot is cooked with various parts of meat. The soy sauce-based soup infuses the meat with a rich flavor and one can enjoy the different textures of various types of meat. Vegetables, mushrooms and other food of the mountains are added to this light, healthy hot pot.


Local Burgers (Okayama-wide)

Okayama is known for delicious burgers full of local ingredients. New style of unique Okayama burgers are coming up constantly. You’ve got to keep your eyes on local “Okayama” burgers!