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The Local Food of Osaka

Osaka was always famous for its plentiful food. This is not only because of its proximity to both the sea and the mountains which allows its people access to the natural flavors of the land, it is also said to be because the passage of boats from the surrounding calm Seto Inland Sea brings goods from remote locations to the city.

In modern Osaka you can find food from all around the world in addition to traditional Japanese food. The streets of the central Hankagai district are lined with stores known for the flavor of their dishes and their reasonable prices.

Okonomiyaki (Osaka-wide)

This savory Japanese pancake is comprised of flour beaten with water and an egg and filled with shredded cabbage and ingredients such as meat or squid, all fried flat on a hot plate. Once cooked, toppings such as okonomiyaki sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise are added for flavor.


Takoyaki (Osaka-wide)

Takoyaki are octopus balls cooked on a hot plate of half-spheres that create a round shape out of the batter - flour beaten with water and egg and filled with shallots and a chunk of octopus.


Kitsune Udon (Osaka-wide)

Udon noodles made from wheat flour are topped with bean curd fried to a shade of orange and served in a hot broth of konbu (seaweed) flavored with condiments such as soy sauce to make kitsune udon.


Tessa (Osaka City)

Fugu (blowfish) served raw (sashimi-style) and sliced so thinly that you can see the design of the serving plate through the pieces of fish.


Boxed Sushi (Osaka City)

Seafood such as prawns and slices of fish are pressed into a wooden box on top of vinegar rice and cut into perfectly bite-sized pieces.


Udon-chiri (Osaka City)

A hot pot dish comprised of a stock-based soup filled with chicken, seafood, vegetables and udon noodles.