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The Local Food of Tochigi

Nikko Yuba (Nikko area)

When writing the word for yuba (tofu skin) in Nikko, you literally write “boiling water wave”. In Kyoto it is written “boiling water leaf” and in that city, yuba is made by picking the thin layer of tofu membrane up by its end with a stick. In Nikko, it is picked up from the middle so you end up with a double layer and Nikko’s yuba is known for its thickness.


Shiobara Onsen Tote-yaki (Nasu area)

A local food named for the “tote horse and carriage” and the “tottering” the locals hope people will do as they snack on tote-yaki while walking around the area. Batter is fried in a round shape and filled with original topping that differ per store. In the Shiobara Onsen town there are over 10 stores so you can find a style of tote-yaki to suit your taste.


Utsunomiya Gyoza (Central Tochigi)

Utsunomiya city is known throughout Japan as a town for gyoza (fried dumplings) and Tochigi prefecture is one of the top producers of chives, a major gyoza filling. The chewy wraps blend with the filling in perfect harmony and after one mouthful you won’t be able to put your chopsticks down.


Motegi Yuzu Salt Ramen (Eastern Tochigi)

Ramen made using the juice or skin of yuzu (small citrus fruit) produced in the Motegi area. Known for its refreshing flavor, this bowl of ramen is also full of vegetables, making it a favorite with the ladies.


Sano Ramen (Southern Tochigi)

This ramen is known for its clear soup and wavy noodles. The secret to its delicious flavor is its high quality water (it uses water which topped the best 100 for water in Japan) and the flour for the noodles. Also, the special rolling technique using green bamboo brings out a rich, unique flavor in the noodles.