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Anyoji ramen

Local noodles of Nagano

Anyoji ramen is a local ramen dish of Saku City in Nagano Prefecture made using the classic Anyoji temple-made Anyoji miso. This ramen was created through the enthusiasm of the local chamber of commerce and owners of local businesses in an effort to use local products to revitalize the town. For participating stores in Saku to be able to label their ramen as Anyoji ramen, its miso must be made up of over 80% Anyoji miso, but there are no other requirements. This means that the toppings and broth is left up to individual stores, and you can enjoy many kinds of original Anyoji ramen at different restaurants. Offering a light broth filled with ground sesame seeds and sesame paste, the popular Tenho ramen franchise from Tokyo offers a local variation of ramen that is unique to Anyoji. You will find the authentic Japanese flavor of the broth most calming.

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