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Banshu ramen

Popular with the locals

Banshu ramen enjoy popularity as a delicious ramen dish served around Nishiwaki City in Hyogo Prefecture. The shoyu (soy sauce) ramen produced in the Banshu region is quite distinctive and very popular with the local population. Banshu ramen is said to have been named by the Nishiwaki-taka Food Cooperative, and many stores offer the unique dish of ramen noodles that are boiled together with onion, apple, fish stock and rock sugar to bring out their sweetness. The soup also uses tonkotsu (pork bone), chicken and vegetable stock, amplifying the full flavor of local ingredients. There is no particular recipe or set of guidelines for Banshu ramen, so the color and sweetness of the dish differs depend on the store. Most of the restaurants serve Banshu ramen with thin, wavy noodles, and use a variety of toppings including char sui roast pork, bean sprouts, shallots and sheets of seaweed.

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