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Fujieda-asa ramen

We’re loving its simplicity and full flavor

You can’t talk about Japanese food culture without mentioning ramen. And in Fujieda City in Shizuoka Prefecture, people are known to eat ramen from their first meal of the day. This culture comes from Shizuoka’s background as a green tea producing prefecture. Tea leaves are gathered very early - from 3am to around 6am in the morning. Ramen restaurant owners used to open their stores early for the workers picking tea, and Fujieda -asa (morning) ramen came about through trial and error to find a ramen that wasn’t too heavy on the stomach first thing in the morning. If you want to eat Fujieda-asa ramen, make sure you try its founding store, “Marunaka”. This long-standing restuarant has over 100 years history in shida-style ramen, and you’ll never get sick of the simple flavor of the shoyu (soy sauce) based asa ramen. Asa ramen can be made hot or cold, and at Marunaka you can order either type.

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