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Hachioji ramen

Recommended among the varieties of ramen battling it out in Hachioji

Hachioji ramen is a local ramen dish that originated in Hachioji City in Tokyo Prefecture. Made with medium-thin noodles on a base of chicken stock and shoyu (soy sauce), Hachioji ramen has a flavor that appeals to almost anyone. Although usually topped with the ubiquitous ramen toppings of char sui roast pork slices and bamboo shoots, some stores offer more unique toppings such as chopped onion. According to the Hachimen-kai cooperative which created Hachioji ramen, another characteristic of the dish is the lard that floats on top of the soup. Hachioji is a mecca of competing ramen stores but within all of these we recommend the well-established “Minmin” if you want to try Hachioji ramen. With the unique topping of chopped onion blended with yet more grated onion, this restaurant’s version of the dish is known for its mellow flavor.

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