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Hiroshima ramen

Its appeal lies in its traditional flavor

Hiroshima ramen is a much loved local ramen dish served in the western part of Hiroshima Prefecture centred around Hiroshima City. The ramen is characterized by its flavor: shoyu (soy sauce) with tonkotsu (pork bone). Many stores use medium thin noodles from a noodle factory, and while there are a few restaurants that use specially ordered factory noodles or home made noodles, overall they’re numbers are low. The broth for Hiroshima ramen is characterized by its shoyu (soy sauce) flavor combined with a soup made from a mixture of vegetables, tonkotsu and chicken stock. Overall, the base of the dish is tonkotsu but the flavor itself is very light. The flavor of the dish doesn’t vary much between stores and it always has a gentle aroma. Hiroshima ramen’s appeal lies in its light, refreshing, traditional flavor.

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