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Hoto ramen

The flavor of Yamanashi

Hoto is a local delicacy of Yamanashi Prefecture made with noodles or balls of kneaded flour that are served with seasonal vegetables (such as pumpkin) stewed with miso. Riding on the popularity of the local ramen boom, Yamanashi hoto ramen is a dish that combines hoto and ramen. Numerous variations of this meal can be enjoyed in Yamanashi as it has a rather flexible recipe The dish is made with vegetables stewed in a miso-based broth and served with noodles with no set characteristics. A popular restaurant for hoto ramen is “Reel Cafe” near Lake Yamanaka. A cafe that also offers ramen, its meals boast local ingredients and are made with pure water from the area. The cafe’s ramen has colorful toppings including Japanese leeks, shredded red pepper, mitsuba (Japanese honewort), grilled char sui pork, meat balls and bamboo shoots.

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