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Joshu-fujioka ramen

A Gunma tradition

In Fujioka City in Gunma Prefecture you will find many ramen stores that are renowned for their flavor. Many of these stores offer a famous local ramen dish, Joshu-fujioka ramen. In Joshu-fujioka ramen, thick, wavy, hand-made noodles are traditionally paired with a light, flavorsome shoyu (soy sauce) based broth, however you may find variations on this depending on the store. With the decline of the Joshu region’s major industry in tiles, owners of local ramen restaurants got together to create the Joshu-fujioka Ramen Cooperative and out of this came Joshu-fujioka ramen. Not only found around train stations, this type of ramen is available in different places in Gunma, so it might be fun to travel around looking for them if you visit the area. One of our recommendations is the “Miyago-shokudo” restaurant, which is around 10 minutes walk from Gunma-fujioka station. A thick piece of bamboo is used to roll out the noodles in this dish, adding a strong elasticity to their simple deliciousness.

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