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Jumonji ramen

Known for its unique noodles

Jumonji ramen is a local ramen dish eaten in the Jumonji area in Yokote City in Akita Prefecture. The dish has a long history, and is said to have been created by the Marutama restaurant in Jumonji around 1935. The ramen noodles in the dish are unique in that they don’t use the brine water usually used when making noodles. They are thin and wavy with a unique texture that goes perfectly with the soup. “Fua” (cooked wheat gluton) is often used as a topping for Jumonji ramen, a trait shared with Tsugara ramen. Along with Jumonji ramen there are other local delicacies which can be sampled in the Jumonji area including Yokote fried noodles. Jumonji ramen are often available at Tohoku regional food fairs around Japan, so if you see Jumonji ramen in another city be sure to give it a try.

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