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Kagoshima ramen

Many stores serve with pickled vegetables and tea

Kagoshima ramen refers to the ramen sold by specialty stores in Kagoshima Prefecture and the surrounding area. Kagoshima ramen is made on a tonkotsu (pork bone) base and uses a range of ingredients for stock including vegetables, dried sardines, kombu (kelp) and dried shiitake mushrooms. For both geographical and historical reasons, Kagoshima Prefecture is known for being the only prefecture in Kyushu that hasn’t been influenced by Kurume ramen. Kagoshima ramen is usually served with medium thick noodles but there is great variation in the soups and types of noodles used between stores. Another big difference between Kagoshima ramen restaurants and stores in other areas of Kyushu is the regular inclusion of miso ramen on the menu. A lot of restaurants offering Kagoshima ramen also serve pickled vegetables and green tea with their ramen.

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