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Kamaishi ramen

Known for its thin noodles and clear soup

Kamaishi ramen is a local ramen dish of Kamaishi City in Iwate prefecture. Iwate is famous for its steel and fishing industries, and Kamaishi ramen came about in the mid-1950s as a dish that could be served quickly to fisherman who were chilled after a day’s work. Kamaishi ramen is characterized by its extremely thin, wavy noodles that can be boiled quickly, minimizing customers’ wait time. Made on a shoyu (soy sauce) base, you will want to drink the whole bowl of delicious, clear broth. Kamaishi ramen were in danger of disappearing when Kamaishi was affected by the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, however stores that escaped the disaster rallied, recreated the Kamaishi Ramen Association, and now support reconstruction efforts in Kamaishi City. Why not stop by and try a bowl of quintessentially Japanese Kamaishi ramen when you visit the Tohoku region.

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