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Kanagawa sanma-men

An appealing dish

A specialty of Kanagawa Prefecture is sanma-men, which can also be found at the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum. A noodle dish with over 70 years of history, sanma-men is characterized by its toppings of soy bean and mung bean sprouts. The dish was made in this way to provide sustenance and vitamins in an era where food wasn’t as plentiful as it is now. Although the ingredients in sanma-men change a little between stores, it is generally made with a shoyu (soy sauce) broth. Nowadays, sanma-men is prepared with a great balance of toppings such as seasonal vegetables, green peppers, shiitake mushrooms, cloud ear mushrooms and pork in addition to the traditional bean sprouts. If you want experience authentic sanma-men, we recommend the “Heichinro Yokohama Hon-ten” Chinese restaurant, where it is said the artisan who invented the dish worked.

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