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Kasaoka ramen

Topped with kashiwa char sui chicken

Kasaoka ramen is known as a local ramen served in Kasaoka City in Okyama Prefecture. Kasaoka ramen is at times known by names including “tori soba” (chicken soba), “tori ramen” (chicken ramen) and “kashiwa ramen”. Kasaoka ramen is characterized by the kashiwa char sui chicken meat topping, as oppose to the usual char sui roast pork. “Kashiwa” refers to older fowls; sometimes the meat is a little tough, but the more you chew it the more flavorsome it becomes. Not all ramen stores serve the dish with kashiwa as a topping - some restaurants have regular pork char sui. The broth has a shoyu (soy sauce) base, and many stores blend this with a mixture of ingredients including chicken stock from older fowl, small fish, vegetables and fruit. Generally Kasaoka ramen is served with medium thick noodles but some stores use thinner noodles.

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