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Kumamoto ramen

With many different types of soup

When one thinks of Kumamoto, the famous Kumamoto ramen dish springs to mind. Kumamoto ramen refers to the ramen served around the Kumamoto City area in Kumamoto Prefecture. It is said that this dish came to Kumamoto and the surrounding area from Fukuoka’s famous tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen via Kurume City and Tamana City. The noodles in Kumamoto ramen are thicker than Hakata ramen and Tamana ramen, and the dish is characterized by a chicken based broth. Many ramen stores use a chicken broth, but there are also plenty of restaurants that use a plain tonkotsu soup. Also, some restaurants add fried garlic chips or garlic oil to the soup. Restaurants offering Kumamoto ramen are unique for the wide variety of different soups they make in comparison with other ramen stores. Kumamoto ramen is also known for the fact that its soup is completely used up each day.

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