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Kyoto ramen


Kyoto ramen describes the ramen served in Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture. Ramen is a popular dish in Kyoto, with community papers often running articles on Kyoto ramen. In one year alone, around 50 new ramen restaurants are advertised in a community paper covering Kyoto and Shiga prefectures. Kyoto ramen can generally be divided into two main groups: light soups, and heavy soups such as Chinese noodles with lard or white broth types. The light version is most commonly a soup called “chintan”, made on a base of chicken or pork stock with pork meat. トンカツと書いてあるけど、本当はトンコツではないか? Kyoto’s version of light ramen is characterized by its rich, thick flavor. There are two main types of heavy soup ramen, one made with lard in a chicken based broth and the other a thick white broth made by boiling chicken until melts.

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