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Mitohan ramen

An exquisite dish with history in Ibaraki

Mitohan ramen were eaten by the main character in the period drama Mito Komon, leading to their status as the first known ramen eaten in Japanese history. The recipe for this dish was a mystery until the 1990s, when traditional ramen store owners got together to recreate the flavor. As result, the dish is now well-known and eaten as a local delicacy. The noodles themselves are characterized by dark flecks from lotus root, and ingredients known as the “5 spices” are included in the dish (chives, pickled onions, shallots, garlic and ginger) along with a simple, lightly flavored broth. “Kinryusaikan”, a Chinese restaurant near the prefectural government office in Mito, is one of the old restaurants who worked to recreate the flavor of Mitohan ramen. You may like to enjoy a bowl of Mitohan there in its original home of Ibaraki while you reflect on history.

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