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Miyazaki ramen

Known for its simple flavor

Miyazaki ramen is the name given to ramen eaten in Miyazaki Prefecture. With a short history, Miyazaki ramen is known as a local ramen dish served in the prefecture in recent years. Miyazaki ramen uses a tonkotsu (pork bone) soup and is fundamentally classed as a type of Hakata ramen. However the soup in Miyazaki ramen differs from Hakata ramen, and the dish is characterized by its soft, thick noodles with a high water content. The tonkotsu-based soup is comparatively light and its flavor differs between stores, however it is common for restaurants to also add salt and soy sauce to the soup. Some restaurants also offer heavier versions of the ramen. Miyazaki ramen restaurants are also known for offering pickled radish along with their ramen dishes. We recommend you try this dish at least once.

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