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Nabeyaki ramen

Also sold at the supermarket

Nabeyaki (pan) ramen originated in Sasuki City in Kochi Prefecture. A ramen dish made with chicken soup stewed in a traditional earthenware pot, this meal is mostly enjoyed at specialty ramen stores in Sasuki. Nabeyaki ramen is also sometimes referred to by other names such as Sasuki ramen or Sasuki-nabeyaki ramen. The broth for nabeyaki ramen is made on a chicken and shoyu (soy sauce) base which, overall, is lighter than other types of ramen. Characterized by its strong umami, this dish is popular with many people and is topped with ingredients such as chicken, shallots, raw egg and fish cakes. The chicken meat in the dish often uses tough, young chickens. Not limited to restaurants, you can also get raw ramen for use in home-cooked nabeyaki at local supermarkets around Sasuki City.

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