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Nagaoka-kei ramen

With a strong aroma of ginger

Nagaoka-kei ramen is a local ramen dish of Nagaoka City in Niigata Prefecture. Nagaoka-kei ramen is characterized by the flavor and aroma of ginger in the broth, and if you’re not expecting the ginger, you may find this dish a little strange the first time you try it. It’s a unique but delicious flavor once you get used to it. Ginger was originally added to the broth to balance the strong odor of pork, but the dish actually became popular as a good meal to warm one up in chilly Nagaoka. Nagaoka-kei ramen is one of the four main ramen dishes of Niigata often seen in the news, the others being Tsubame-sanjo ramen, simple Niigata ramen and Niigata miso ramen.

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