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Ofunato pike ramen

Made with lots of pike

Ofunato pike ramen is a local dish of Ofunato City in Miyagi Prefecture. A relatively recent creation, the dish came about in 2010 in an effort to make ramen containing pike, a local specialty of Ofunato. The use of the pike in the dish varies between restaurants, with some stores using it for their soup stock, and others topping their ramen with a whole grilled fish. Unluckily or luckily, Ofunato became well-known throughout Japan as a result of the 2011 earthquake and as one part of the recovery efforts, instant cup ramen that paid homage to the pike ramen from a local restaurant called Kurofune (Black Ship) was released in 2013. You may not have an opportunity to visit Ofunato, but if you do get the chance, please try Ofunato pike ramen along with the other seafood on offer.

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