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Onomichi ramen

Known for its unique texture

Onomichi ramen, served around Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture, is popular as a local ramen dish of the Bingo region. Onomichi ramen originated with the predecessor of the famous Onomichi restaurant, “Shukaen”. What began as a street food stall in 1947 progressed to a ramen restaurant which opened in 1967. The main characteristic of Onomichi ramen is the chicken broth, which also uses small fish from the Seto inland sea. In addition, the ramen tare (essence placed at the bottom of the bowl for flavor) has a shoyu (soy sauce) base and noodles are popular for their unique, strong texture. Toppings such as pork char sui and bamboo shoots are combined with largish pieces of pig lard mince that make the dish very tasty. Stores that have been serving Onomichi ramen for a long time often operate under the name “chuka soba” (Chinese noodles).

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