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Oumi champon

Very popular right now ? the champon revolution

In Hikone City in Shiga Prefecture, a bistro opened in 1963 which served Oumi champon, a highly nutritious noodle dish for the laborers of the day. Its popularity led to it spreading to all parts of Shiga from Hikone. Oumi champon is characterized by the thin ramen noodles it uses as oppose to the thicker noodles of the well-known Nagasaki champon. The broth base is Japanese-style, flavored with bonito and kombu (kelp), and it is topped with pork and vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, chives and cloud ear mushrooms. Rice wine vinegar is often added to Oumi champon before eating, and the clear liquid it is served in is fondly referred to as “golden soup”. “Oumi champon-tei” is a restaurant that stays true to the traditional dish. The smooth umami and sweetness of kombu fills the soup and by adding vinegar you can also enjoy a simple acidic flavor.

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