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Sanuki ramen

Known for its strong, exquisite flavor

Sanuki ramen is known as a local ramen dish available in Kagawa Prefecture. The sanuki udon noodles of Kagawa are well-known, but there are also a lot of delicious ramen shops in the prefecture. Many stores in Kagawa have long lines day after day, a testament to the popularity of sanuki ramen. Sanuki ramen is characterized by the golden shine of its broth. The flavor of the broth is brought out by top quality dried sea cucumber from the west of the prefecture, small fish from the Seto inland sea, and chicken and pork produced in Kagawa. The light soy sauce used in the dish is also produced with care in Kagawa. The sparking broth has a unique, rich flavor, indeed, its appeal is in the rare flavor it delivers. The flavor of sanuki ramen differs between stores, but every dish is delicious.

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