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Shijimi ramen

Known for its translucency

Shijimi (clam) ramen from Shimane Prefecture is characterized by its unique flavor. The stock for shijimi ramen has been carefully extracted to ensure it doesn’t taste or smell unpleasant, and there are two popular versions of the dish: “charred soy sauce” and “miso flavor”. Charred soy sauce flavor uses a perfect balance of onion extract to create a flavor you won’t find anywhere else. There is also no bitterness in the Lake Shinji clam extract, and you will find everything works together to bring out the aroma of the soy sauce. The miso flavor version balances the flavors of red and white miso, and uses spices to bring out the taste of the clams. The dish is made with wavy noodles that have been rolled with natural alkaline water from the Okuizumo area (a must when you make ramen noodles) and are characterized by their chewiness. Shimane shijimi ramen also has a translucency to it.

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