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Taiwan ramen

Its appeal lies in its spiciness

The most famous local ramen dish of Aichi Prefecture is “Taiwan ramen”. However, in truth, you can’t actually eat Taiwan ramen in Taiwan - it is a dish unique to Aichi. It got its name from the original owner of a Chinese restaurant in Aichi who was Taiwanese and served a variation on tantan-men, which is where the dish began. Taiwan ramen is characterized by its spiciness - it is made of chives, shallots, bean sprouts and pork all stewed in chili. The birthplace of this rather individual ramen dish, the restaurant “Misen”, serves a version of Taiwan ramen with a rich flavor and spicy mince that is bound to give you strength. The dish really is spicy, so if you’re not sure about the chili, you can ask for your noodles “mild”.

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