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Takaido ramen

Popular for its simple flavor

Takaido ramen are eaten around the Takaido region in Osaka Prefecture. This ramen dish is known for its light flavor, however the sheen of oil that floats on the surface of the broth gives umami and a richness to the meal. The addition of bamboo shoots also adds a crunchiness that goes well with the noodles. There are a number of variations of Takaido ramen but we recommend shio (salt) flavor. “Shizen-kaien” (natural sea salt) soba are a particularly popular shio ramen dish, and one you should definitely try if you visit the Takaido region. Compared to ramen restaurants in other areas, Takaido ramen is topped with larger quantities of bean sprouts, cabbage, garlic and other vegetables. The flavor of the broth differs between each store so it may be good to do a walking tour of ramen restaurants in Takaido.

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