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Tenri ramen

With lots of Chinese cabbage

Tenri ramen refers to ramen based around Tenri City in Nara Prefecture, an area famous for the Tenri religion. There are two types of Tenri ramen: “saika ramen” and “Tenri stamina ramen”. Saika ramen is sometimes written in kanji but other times in katakana. Tenri ramen is characterized by its broth, which is made using flavors such as tonkotsu (pork bone), chicken, garlic and broad bean chili paste. All these ingredients are used together for flavor, and toppings such as Chinese cabbage, pork and chives are used to season the dish. These toppings added for their flavor are said to be the origin of the name “stamina ramen”. Tenri ramen are served with a large helping of Chinese cabbage, and people leave the cabbage until last, eating it after they have eaten all the noodles in their bowl.

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