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Torimotsu ramen

Enjoy ramen and chicken motsu in the one dish

Torimotsu ramen is a local ramen dish of Shinjo City in Yamagata Prefecture. After the dish started selling a local specialty in conjunction with the Yamagata Shinkansen’s extension to Shinjo, local ramen restaurants began to compete with each other to improve the flavor, resulting in what is currently a delicious local ramen dish. Shinjo city had a traditional culture of butchering a whole chicken (tori) and stewing the innards (motsu), and torimotsu ramen came about as many customers would order motsu along with ramen - why not try putting them together? The dish uses wavy ramen and a simple chicken stock broth topped with a pile of stewed motsu. While a similar dish is sold in other areas under the name “stamina ramen”, torimotsu is local delicacy of this area so make sure you try it when you visit Yamagata.

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