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Tsubame-sanjo ramen

A delight to lovers of fatty ramen

Tsubame-sanjo ramen can be found in the cities of Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture. Ramen in cooler regions like Niigata with thriving fishing industries is typically made with thin noodles to cut down on serving time, however Tsubame-sanjo ramen uses very thick noodles. This culture of thick noodles came about to avoid noodles going soggy when the ramen was being delivered, and continues to persist today. The soup has a strong shoyu (soy sauce) base and is served with a thick topping of lard. In some stores the lard is so thick, no steam rises from the bowl! This thick, rich ramen dish is not for someone looking for simple, light noodles, but if you like fatty ramen, you’ll be in heaven so please check it out.

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