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Tsuruga ramen

What toppings and soup does it have?

Tsuruga ramen began in the street stalls around Tsuruga station in Fukui Prefecture and are synonymous with the area. Honcho Arcade, in an area that buzzed with people using or working around the station and adjacent to the well-traversed route 8 national highway, was lined with over ten ramen stalls. Fast-forward 50 years to the present and the popularity of the place remains, with ramen stalls setting up in the evenings until around 2am. This is a major landmark on the “ramen road” for tourists. You can chose a stall that appeals from those set up near the station, but if you’re after a recommendation, “Gonchan-yaryoku” is very popular. The broth is usually a tonkotsu (pork bone) base flavored with chicken stock and soy sauce, and the dish is served with the standard toppings of char sui roast pork, bamboo shoots and shallots. In a cold climate this is a perfect, simple dish to warm you up.

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