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Ube ramen

Based on pork bone soup and medium thick noodles

Ube ramen is a much loved local ramen dish from around Ube City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is said that Ube ramen came from one man from Osaka. The dish is made on a tonkotsu (pork bone) base with medium thick noodles. Nowadays there are many types of ramen available in Yamaguchi, however there are two main types of ramen with their roots in the prefecture: shoyu (soy sauce) ramen in the east and tonkotsu ramen in the west. The tonkotsu ramen dishes in the west often have a lighter soup, but you could say that the mainstream noodles in the area generally have a rich aroma and medium thick noodles in a heavy soup. The noodles are characterized by their softness and are served with a strong smelling tonkotsu soup topped with shallots, pork char sui and bamboo shoots. Ube ramen are also unique for their cheaper price compared to ramen in other areas.

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