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Yawatahama champon

Known for its golden broth

Yawatahama champon is a local noodle dish of Ehime Prefecture, giving a Yawatahama twist to the traditional champon noodle dishes common in places such as Nagasaki. Now well-known as a local cuisine of Ehime, this noodle dish is considered a soul food of Yawatahama and is much loved by the locals. Yawatamahama City in Ehime is also the west entrance to the island of Shikoku, and, as such, has long been a location for sea trade between the island of Kyushu and the Kansai region. Yawatahama champon came about as a result of this contact with other regions. Nagasaki champon is famous for its rich broth due to a tonkotsu (pork bone) base, but Yawatahama champon is characterized by its golden broth from the chicken, kelp and bonito stock used in it. Light in flavor, many restaurants serve Yawatahama champon with thick, Chinese noodles. Its toppings include a large helping of vegetables, pork, and Yawatahama’s specialties of fish cakes (kamaboko) and fish sausage (jakoten).

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