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Yonezawa ramen

Yonezawa has got more than just beef

Yonezawa ramen is a local ramen dish of Yonezawa City in Yamagata Prefecture. Many people think of Yonezawa beef when they hear the word Yonezawa, and think that Yonezawa ramen uses plenty of beef, but in reality it usually doesn’t. The ramen soup is most often made on a base of chicken stock, vegetables or dried anchovies, and the noodles themselves are thin and wavy. Said to have originated around 90 years ago as a street food, Yonezawa ramen have a long history, even when compared with famous dishes such as Sapporo ramen. Despite the long history, the Yonezawa region is still much more famous for its beef than its ramen, but if you visit please take the opportunity to try a bowl of ramen that has been refined throughout its history for a delicious dish.

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